Picks of the Week March 2-8

Dee: The first week of the month always seems to be a good one for the pull list! Being busy with my second weekend of Armageddon Expo didn’t precisely help me, though, and I (again) only have one comic.  Mostly because I only read one comic.  The rest I still have to pick up, but this one I couldn’t miss!  That’s right Secret Six #31.  Without spoiling anything, I have to say the monkeys make it all worth it.

Emma: Super light week for me too! Daken #6 and Secret Six #31. I guess it was anti-hero week for me. Two solid issues, but nothing earth shattering to report except that it seems like Simone is gearing up to address Knockout’s death and apparently Ragdoll keeps monkeys dressed up as the Sixers, which is pretty damn hilarious if not surprising.

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