Look! Even more Gronk!


Wheeee!  My favourite green monster will soon have her own book.  Katie Cook is going to be bringing out a Gronk book, and is looking for pre-orders to help finance the printing.  Check it out in her own words:


that’s right… you can now PRE-ORDER the first 62-page, full color gronk collection!

you can order just a signed copy of the book:


or a “special edition” pre-order with a signed book, a hand-drawn and painted watercolor bookplate and a 4 pack of buttons:


In celebration of this (actually, cause I think Katie is awesome and love Gronk, and she needs this in her life) I made a Gronk plushie.  Oh, and I pre-ordered the book too :)

Now if you haven’t read Gronk, you really should.  Go here and check it out!

Who knows, maybe I’ll start my taking over the world plans by making plushies for all my favourite comic creators.  Oh wait, I already started on that…

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