Review: Witch


Writers: Terry Matalas & Travis Fickett
Artist: Tony Shasteen

For as long as she can remember, Kylie Woods has heard a voice in her head. Now that she’s coming of age, she’ll learn she’s not crazy, but that the voice belongs to her familiar: an eight foot tall demonic black cat. You see, Kylie is a witch, and witches are nothing like you thought…

Kickstart has been coming out with some great stuff lately, the high point of which, for me, was Witch. I absolutely loved it from the very start, loved the new take on the genre  — especially when her familiar turns out to be a creepy, giant, demonic black cat. Look at the cover for this and tell me that familiar idea is not kickass.

The storyline moves along very well, enjoyable where it might be entirely too cliched, amusing when it needs to be, and Matalas and Fickett handle the drama with a light hand, not making anything too melodramatic. Shasteen’s art is delightful as well. It’s a touch darker than what I truly love, but that quality lends to the general aura the book has; dark enough for the subject matter, but not too dark to turn me off.

In the end, this book is fantastic. Kylie is written as a strong young woman, but not so much so that it feels forced. Kickstart is, in my opinion, at the top of the chain when it comes to strong female leads in comics right now.

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  1. Jade Carver says:

    I do wish there was a lady somewhere on this creative team, but I’ll give it a shot :)

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