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There are so many things to like about the books Kickstart is bringing out. All in one graphic novels written for a wide (generally all ages) audience, they’ve been some of the books I’ve found myself looking forward to the most this year.  Book of Lilah is no exception to this.

For thousands of years, a secret association known as the Keepers has quietly protected the world’s knowledge. This group skillfully tracks and cultivates world progress, and at times destroys knowledge that they believe could harm mankind.

Someone is after the Keepers, and it’s up to one unsuspecting 20-year-old girl named Lilah to save the day.

Secret organisations, libraries, a young girl at the heart of the mystery?  The Book of Lilah appealed to my 35 year old self, and is a book I would have loved at any age after about 10.  Which is great, as it’s ideal for any crowd.

Book of Lilah

The story of Lilah is the story of a 20 year old woman who finds herself suddenly in over her head. She discovers a world that she never imagined that exists beneath the libraries of the world.  Things aren’t simple and it never seems that Lilah is getting the full story.  She manages to unravel it within the book, and while the story seems awkwardly paced in a few spots, it pulls together well, and is something that I look forward to reading again.

If you want to check out Book of Lilah by Jack Monaco and Javi Fernandez, it’s on comiXology or check your LCS or a WalMart near you.  Also take a look at the other Kickstart books out now and coming up.  You can bet that Palmiotti and Gray’s Book Smart is high on my to be read list!

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  1. Skye says:

    Great lead, thanks for posting this as I hadn’t heard anything about it.

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