Superhero of the Month Redesign Contest!

The cat is out of the bag!  The four of us at Girls Read Comics Too will be helping Superhero of the Month judge their upcoming redesign contest.

Who are they redesigning? The amazing, the iconic, Diana of Themyscira, also known to us as Wonder Woman.

What is a redesign? Let’s see what SHoTM have to say about it:

A superhero redesign is different than a re-imagining of the character. Let’s look at Spider-Man, for example. His classic red-and-blue uniform is one of the most recognizable costumes in comic history. In the 1980’s he got a new, black costume. This costume is radically different from his classic one, but its design still easily identifies him as Spider-Man. You don’t need to be told who is behind the mask — you already know.

A good superhero redesign will do just that: tell the audience exactly who the character is, even though their costume may be entirely different from what we’ve ever seen. Superhero of the Month strives to stimulate creativity in artists by offering a superhero or villain for them to redesign in a fashion that makes them recognizable, yet unique.

Submissions are due between August 1 and August 24. (An official due-by time is TBA.) As always, submissions will be posted throughout the month.

Check out the Submissions guidelines here!

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