Women in Comics Spotlight: Holly Golightly

Like my fellow writers here at GRCT have said before me, I am getting a huge kick out of this feature. I can never say no to learning more about female creators, exploring new art and generally just getting out of my little niche corner and taking a look. Sometimes I am entirely in the dark and then other times I think that I know nothing only for it turn out to not be the case.

In the case of Holly Golightly, it turns out that I knew her art without even knowing that it was her. Back as a kid in the late nineties, I got hooked on the new Sabrina the Teenaged Witch and Josie and the Pussycats comics that had just been relaunched around that time. This was when I learned what it meant to be a Betty or a Veronica as more than just a clever quip. Was I excited to learn that this female creator with an awesome name had worked on things that shaped my early adolescence? You bet I was. After checking out her new stuff, I’m definitely eager to read more.

Holly was good enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us, so I will let her speak for herself!

* How did you get into comics

I created a portfolio and marched myself into a comic con and hit every booth that looked friendly.

* Tell us a bit about the projects you’ve worked on

I’ve worked on many well known characters, some of which are Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Cheryl Blossom, Josie & the Pussycats, and Betty&Veronica. I also developed the comic for CosmoGirl! writing and eventually illustrating it.

I’ve also worked with Groovy musicians like Howard Jones, Dave Wakeling from the English Beat, KC and the Moonshine Band, Horror Story & Thomas Dolby doin’ T-shirt designs and or CD covers.
Currently I’m VP and a creator at BroadSword Comics, the company my husband, Jim Balent and I started back in 2000. I do all the production, coloring on Jim’s book, Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose and my webcomic, School Bites.

* What is your favourite work that you’ve done so far
Gosh I love the fact that I wake up every day and create…that is true Bliss!

* Did you ever get advice about the field that you’d like to pass on
LOL- most of the advice I got from other professionals was kinda negative.-( Other than Jim ; ) – I I sorta don’t fit what most think a comicbook creator should act or look like. I listen to Joseph Campbell, follow your Bliss- people will be attracted to you if your endeavor is honest from the heart.
That and hit your deadlines!

* What is your favourite thing to write or draw. From situations to characters to themes, anything goes
I guess I mainly write and draw about Vampires. Been hopin to be one from my first sighting of Christopher Lee and started to be artistically inspired since I was 14 and read ‘Interview with a Vampire’.
I usually take from my own experiences and sprinkle it with fangs and Magick ; )

* In an ideal world, in what direction would you like to see your project evolve
mmmm- Well I already ducked an option for School Bites as a Movie…if the right creative team pops up…that would be groovy- just because I’m a HUGE movie Buff…but honestly I would prefer Disney to do a Ride based on it!

* Links to your work:

* And finally your last thought. Draw it, write it, bake it in a pie (though hard to communicate to blog readers, I hear its tasty.) You get to have the last thought this post.

When will Lucas digitally place a medal on the Wookie in New Hope?!

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