Women in Comics Spotlight: Rachel Pandich

I am keeping the momentum on these Women in Comics spotlights going by talking about Rachel Pandich who is the writer of Aspire, which is an excellent comic I fairly recently got a chance to read the first issue of (more reviews of it to come). She took the time to answer some questions for us and we’re incredibly glad for it!

Aspire #1 Cover

How did you get into comics
There was not a comic shop in my home town of Yuma, Az at the time so comic books really became a novelty and most of my exposure to them was through the cartoons and movies. I got into reading comics when I was about 7 years old. I was a tomboy and was very much into cartoons like the TMNT. Some of my guy friends had comics like Archie, G.I. Joe, and TMNT and I would read these sometime when I went over to play. Being a child in the 80s and 90s I grew up watching mostly comic book cartoons (Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Justice League, TMNT) and when I got older the movies (Swamp Thing, Tank Girl, Batman Returns). When I was 17 I moved to Jacksonville, FL and started collecting Tank Girl back issues and other indie comics. I was hooked. I loved all the powerful women (even though I didn’t always like the outfits) that had their own books or were featured. I soon started working at Borderland’s Comics and Games and the rest is history.

Tell us a bit about the projects you’ve worked on

My first published project is pretty recent. Aspire is about a preteen girl that is trying everything she can think of to become a super hero. The main character, Destiny, is pretty snarky and that is so much fun to write. I also have a short story in the all female anthology Womanthology. I’m very proud of both of these pieces because before getting published or picked up people told me these concepts were stupid and would never work. Joke’s on them I guess.

What is your favourite work that you’ve done so far

Right now I’m doing research for a historical comic that I will be working on with artist Laura Truxillo. Even though it has not been picked up yet I’m having a blast doing the research and telling this story; but I’ve always been a school nerd and enjoy most research.

Did you ever get advice about the field that you’d like to pass on

Yes. Keep your day job. KEEP YOUR DAY JOB. When I went to MegaCon this year it seemed that was the theme. Every single panel I went to it came up at least once. Everyone in this industry today had a main source of income to live off of besides their comic book work until they gained enough name notoriety to charge a rate to live off of and to get enough work to live off of. I would also recommend that everyone who wants to get into comics as a career to go to the business panels at the cons.

What is your favourite thing to write or draw. From situations to characters to themes, anything goes
It really depends on the mood I’m in. I’ve written both dark and family friendly pieces and they can both be fun. I’ll tell you what I flat out hate to write though; splatter porn. I can go dark but I will not go to the point where like say where the Saw movies go to.

In an ideal world, in what direction would you like to see your project evolve
I would love to be able to do a bunch of creator owned stuff. I’ve been writing stories since about 5th grade and have a plethora of ideas I would love to expand on. Maybe do some story arcs with secondary characters in Aspire too.

Links to your work:




And finally your last thought. Draw it, write it, bake it in a pie (though hard to communicate to blog readers, I hear its tasty.) You get to have the last thought this post.

Write what you would read, create art that you would enjoy and buy, and if someone is a jerk to you tell them to go suck an egg.

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  1. Final Furyk says:

    Great interview. Hopefully her stuff will come out in something a bit more widespread.

  2. Lyssa says:

    This is awesome! Rachel is a very old and dear friend of mine, it’s great to see her work getting so much attention and love! Looking forward to getting a copy of Aspire for myself! Great interview Rach!

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