Official Avengers Trailer arrives!

Yeah, so I was going to try to talk about this in a rational way, but nope. Not gonna try. I am going to fangirl like the world is ending over this beautiful baby.

→ Loki being disgustingly hot while threatening to rule the world? YES PLEASE.

→ Nick Fury you are a BAMF, and I’m loving this trailer music. I also love the idea that they’ve had an Avengers initiative in the works for years in the movie verse.

→ They showed the case with Steve’s costume in it at Comic Con, and while the little plaque did say it was the actual costume from the movie that Chris Evans wears, it’s still freaking me out. I should have rubbed my boobs all over the glass, it would obviously be the closest I’d ever get to Chris Evans.

→ Some of the solo shots of Steve, Tony and Thor seem like they’re fighting – maybe some kind of practice simulation? Or it’s more likely that all those egos (well, two egos and one cranky super soldier) have to clash before everyone can work together, because that’s how it always goes.

Tony: No offense, but, I don’t play well with others.
Steve: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, what are you?
Tony: A genius, billionaire playboy philanthropist?
Thor: LOL

→ So. SO. OH MY GOD, SO. Let’s just. Okay, one, Steve/Tony fangirls (I include myself there, at times), I hope this will tide you over until the movie. Two, that is some serious anger coming off Steve, hot damn. Three, I really want to know what triggers this exchange. I like to think it all ties back to Howard Stark; Tony is uncomfortable, Steve misses his friend, neither man are what they expected. Or they could just not like each other, that seems a prerequisite for the biggest of bromances ever. (And let me explain why this one exchange excites me: I love Steve and Tony fighting just as much or even more than I love them being bros. This is what Civil War has done to me.)

→ Okay, okay, so there’s this one shot where Black Widow is taking one guy out by the neck with her legs, in what looks like stockings and evening wear, BUT SHE TOOK HER SHOES OFF FIRST. YES. THANK YOU, GODS OF SUPERHEROINE PRACTICALLY.

→ I still don’t know how I feel about Steve Rogers using guns.

→ Ooooh, Loki tossing Avengers out windows, baaad Loki. Really, really hot and bad Loki.

→ Laser beams! Strange spaceships! Things blowing up! I, like 90% of the internet, call Skrulls.

→ So, in conclusion: AWESOME TRAILER IS AWESOME. I honestly do not know how I’m going to wait all the way until May for this. Until then, have some hi-res screenshots of my favorite moments in the trailer.

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3 Responses to Official Avengers Trailer arrives!

  1. Scott says:

    I’m astonished and actually pleased at what they left out, honestly. No Helicarrier, no “Avengers Assemble.” Like, the idea that there’s a (slim) chance they might save this stuff for in the actual theatre? What a novel and beautiful idea!

    Also Tony Stark lights up my life, Hulk looks pretty good for the second we see him, egos clashing aplenty. In team drama. YAY.

  2. Angel says:

    Thor: LOL

    I don’t care if that clip of Thor is out of context in the trailer or not, I have to admit that it cracked me up.

  3. N says:

    Steve: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, what are you?
    Tony: A genius, billionaire playboy philanthropist?
    *Thor’s sexy laugh*

    Oh. My. God. The trailer alone has exceeded my expectations. Epicness. I’m especially loving all the Tony Stark footage. I’m a fan of all these heros, but my obsession is Iron Man. *cue fangirl squeal*

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