Dark Knight Rises Trailer and More Avengers Footage!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m looking forward to what next summer has to offer in terms of new comic book movies more than I am any of the films between now and then. The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises  hit the internet today, and I’m salivating.

More after the cut, just for the spoilerphobes.

It still doesn’t give away a lot (or any) of the plot, or whether or not Christopher Nolan is going to try to translate the Knightfall arc to screen, but I know that any of my doubts that I may have had about Tom Hardy as Bane have gone completely out the window. Mostly, I’m just happy for a departure from the last time we saw Bane in a Batman film, which was as a monosyllabic sidekick in Batman & Robin.

And DC aren’t the only ones with new stuff out today. A German version of the Avengers trailer has a few new shots that do a bit to explain just how Bruce Banner ends up with the team and give us a few more actiony shots that weren’t in the American trailer.

Now, my German’s a bit rusty, but I think my favorite bit is Banner’s quote:

“We’re not a team, we’re a timebomb.”

(Which I suspect will be “ticking timebomb in English, but eeeee CONFLICT. And I thought I couldn’t get more excited.)

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