Review: Further into the Abyss – The Gathering Vol 6

The Second Gathering Horror issue is great. I was going to start with something descriptive or flowery, but I thought simple was best. The book is great.

A mix of stories from scary to the macabre, they run from one to six pages, collaborations between a variety of artists and writers from brand new to highly experienced. From a peek into hell to a philandering wife, all the stories in the anthology capture exactly what it is that makes a good scary story. The almost normal, the thing that maybe just could happen, or the creatures that haunt the dark and the edges of our imagination.

I have favourite stories, of course. Sterling Gates and Cassandra James story was one of the highlights of the book for me, the art and story perfectly meshed. Glenn Matchett and David Aspo’s story was the another, a story that chilled me and I could easily see as a movie with its creepy space-based twists.

Not the first issue of the Gathering I’ve read, this was one held the standard I’ve come to expect and will keep me coming back for more of them!

Check out GrayHaven comics here, and hang around for our interview with one of the people behind GrayHaven tomorrow.  Also check out their Kickstarter campaign here and donate if you can!

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  1. Arion says:

    Hello Dee, thank you for taking the time to review our latest issue, I’m Arcadio Bolaños, the writer of Threnos. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our future issues!

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