Review: After Twilight #1 & 2

After Twilight
Writers: Gary L. Watson, Richard P. Alvarez, Sandra E. Yates
Artist: Douglas Brown
Colorist: Meagan Tanner (Issue 2)

Texas, 2022 – The Lone Star State is in a blood war with the United States to become a separate fundamentalist Christian nation. Voters in Texas have elected a fanatical theocratic government that has replaced democracy with oppressive biblical laws and punishments. A sinister force of religious police enforces the law with fear and violence. Young librarian Jen Frazier is thrown into the struggle between the theocracy and the underground resistance that is fighting to expose the atrocities committed by the government in God’s name.

After Twilight makes for a startlingly scary, interesting and brave comic. Religion is always a hot button topic, and I applaud the writing team for coming up with the terrifying dystopian future involved. The comic walks a fine line between being serious about the message it tells and being preachy, and it walks it well. I’m not particularly religious at all, so I found no offense in the religious overtones, but I can see where those who are would.

At the center of it all is a librarian named Jen, who isn’t openly against her oppressive government, but neither is she willingly a part of it. She doesn’t pray with everything else, she saves books from being burned when she can, and she keeps her head down. I’m really looking forward to following Jen and seeing how her story develops as she gets caught up in everything.

Douglas Brown’s art is fantastically used here. It’s hard to create a whole world in one issue, but with a few pages and some amazing panels that say more than words could, he’s managed to help the reader envision a terrifying world.

After Twilight is an interesting comic to pick up if you’re in the mood for something a little darker than your standard comic fare.

EDIT: I literally just received issue two after I published this post, so I wanted to add a few quick notes.

Issue two continues the story with the horror of it all slowly building up more and more as we go on.  The addition of Meagan Tanner as colorist is a great one, as her coloring gives the art a bit more depth. I’m surprisingly enjoying myself with this series, and can’t wait for issue three!

After Twilight is published by Nu-Classic Publishing, and issues 1 & 2 are on sale at their website. This issue was sent to us for review by the publisher; this had no effect on the outcome of this review.

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