Women in Comics – Paige Braddock

Creator of the amazing Jane’s World (among many other things!) was kind enough to answer our questions.  Read on to discover a bit more about Paige Braddock.

* How did you get into comics?

From reading the Sunday comics. I decided at age 7 that I wanted to do a comic strip. As time has progressed and it’s become harder and harder to find print outlets for the comic strip format, I moved my comic work into the comic book format. Which has actually been a lot more fun because there’s a lot more space in a book format for longer narrative and more room to draw.

* Tell us a bit about the projects you’ve worked on

I’ve been working on a comic called Jane’s World for about 10 years now and in the last three years, collaborated with a writer, Jason McNamara on a Sci-Fi comedy series titled The Martian Confederacy. I also have a day job at Charles Schulz’s studio in California where I do a lot of Peanuts artwork for books and t-shirts and other licensed stuff.

* What is your favourite work that you’ve done so far?

It would be hard to choose between Jane’s World and the Martian Confederacy because both casts include characters I really care about. I think that is obviously the key to good stories… characters that people care about.

* Did you ever get advice about the field that you’d like to pass on?

Wow… where to start… Dialogue is very important. The funny thing about comics is that you have to be good at both writing and drawing. If either side is weak then your feature won’t succeed. Sometimes if you know you are weak in one area then it’s good to partner with someone who is strong where you aren’t. The other advice I would give is to really work on character development. If you have strong, fleshed out characters then you can take them and place them in any environment and still have great stories.

* What is your favourite thing to write or draw.  From situations to characters to themes, anything goes

Slap stick is really fun to draw. Physical humor.

* In an ideal world, in what direction would you like to see your project evolve?

I would like to produce the 3rd Martian Confederacy book in color and release it digitally. I’ve tested it and the artwork looks really good on the iPad.

* Links to your work:



* And finally your last thought. 

I wish MORE women and girls would get into comics. We need more women in this field!!!

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