Women in Comics – Liz Prince

Creator Liz Prince answered our questions for us. Check it out after the break!

* How did you get into comics?

The first comic book I got was an Uncle Scrooge Olympic tie in issue sometime in the early 90’s: my grandmother bought it for me when I was visiting her in Las Vegas, and I made her walk me back to bookstore every subsequent day so I could get more duck comics.  I had thought that I wanted to be animator when I grew up, but seeing those comics made me switch my focus.

* Tell us a bit about the projects you’ve worked on:

Almost all of my comics thus far have been autobiographical, and tend towards the subject matter of relationships (or lately, my lack of them).  My first book, Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?, was published by Top Shelf Productions, followed by a collection of my short comic strips called Delayed Replays.  I have had comics in anthologies like I Saw You, Project Romantic, and the Papercutter Series (published by the esteemed Tugboat Press).  Currently I am self publishing my “graphic novel” called I Swallowed the Key to My Heart as issues and posting a series called Alone Forever on my website.

* What is your favourite work that you’ve done so far?

It is really hard to qualify my work in terms of FAVOURITES, because I can go and read stuff as far back as highschool and still think it’s really funny, but I’d like to think that my best work is still yet to come.  Conversely (and I actually drew a comic about this just yesterday) it would appear that all of the comics I draw that I’m really very proud of, and expect to get a big response, are the ones that seem to fall flat, while some of the “throw-away” strips that I post out of desperation to remain on schedule have been some of my more successful comics.  What I’m saying is, I have bad taste?

* Did you ever get advice about the field that you’d like to pass on?

I get a lot of emails asking what a person should do if they want to start drawing comics, and my response is always to read as many comics as possible!  You’ve gotta learn the language of comics by seeing how other people use it as a storytelling medium.

* What is your favourite thing to write or draw?

As previously stated, I’m pretty much strictly an autobiographical cartoonist, and thus, those are my favourite stories to read and write myself.

* In an ideal world, in what direction would you like to see your project evolve?

Right now I’ll just be happy if I finish it!

* Links to your work:

My website, where I post comics 1-3x per week: http://www.lizprincepower.com

If You Make It, an independent music site that a lot of great cartoonists contribute comics to: http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/category/comics

* And finally your last thought:

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