Random Awesome: The Superhero Snuggie.

Over the weekend I underwent a bit of a breakthrough (or turned to the dark side, depending on where you stand). Say what you will about snuggies as a whole, over the weekend I had my eyes opened up to a variant of them that I had somehow missed before. I was chilling at a Star Wars brunch when one of the guys there opened his bag and pulled out a Superman snuggie.

My first thought (once I got past the initial ‘oh god, a snuggie‘ thing) was this: I want one. Now to be fair, it would in no way look as awesome on me as it did on this guy, mostly because I am way too short to pull it off in any sort of believable way. But the moment that the wind blew through the window and made the edges of the snuggie billow like a cape I was absolutely sold.

A quick Google search has revealed to me that in addition to the Superman one that I saw, one can also purchase Batman, Spider-Man and of course my personal fave, the Wonder Woman snuggie.  It’s amazing how quickly a fleece blanket with sleeves can go from being ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’ by hitting on one of my interests. I’m most likely late to the party on this one, but it definitely was my random awesome for the weekend. Now to get my hands on one of my own, then the transformation will be complete.

For those of you looking to get one of your own, I saw several for sale up on Amazon and any number of other links that Google gave me (or Bing, if you rather).

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