Best of the Best – Round Three Day Four

EDIT: Polls are now closed and we have our day 4 winners!

Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Power Girl

The final day of Round Three! The match ups are tough as they’ve all been, but only you can decide who will move forward to the next round. 24 hours to vote and then we’ll have the Super Sixteen.

The woman with the scream Black Canary vs The woman with the psychic katana Psylocke

The psychiatrist turned accomplice Harley Quinn vs The mercenary with a conscience Scandal Savage

The daughter of Themyscira Wonder Woman vs The lawyer turned Avenger She-Hulk

The Kryptonian Power Girl vs The Muslim superhero Dust

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Officially a Canastralian. Longtime comic fan, and lover of the graphic medium. Grey up with the X-Men and Avengers, and moved to the world of DC and independents shortly after. Cosplayer, Costumer, and all around crafty person. Loves to travel and works her butt off for a number of conventions here in Oz.
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