Best of the Best – The Super Sixteen – Day 1

EDIT: Winners for Day 1

It was a DC Sweep! Mera, Huntress, Oracle and Renee Montoya all took their races.

Day 1 of of the Super Sixteen is upon us! You have 24 hours to vote, and Day 2 is tomorrow!

The Queen of the Sea, Mera vs The woman who can’t touch, Rogue

The one who’s willing to cross the line, Huntress vs The happy Endless, Death

The brains behind Gotham, Oracle vs ehT lufrewoP, Zatanna

The Cop turned Question, Renee Montoya vs The Slayer, Buffy Summers

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Officially a Canastralian. Longtime comic fan, and lover of the graphic medium. Grey up with the X-Men and Avengers, and moved to the world of DC and independents shortly after. Cosplayer, Costumer, and all around crafty person. Loves to travel and works her butt off for a number of conventions here in Oz.
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7 Responses to Best of the Best – The Super Sixteen – Day 1

  1. kurumais says:

    renee vs buffy was a killer for me but i voted for renee because i dont think of buffy as a comic. i knew oracle would be winning big

  2. jazz says:

    How is Rogue losing? Also Zatanna/Oracle – no fair!

  3. eruditechick says:


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