Chantaal, We Need to Talk

Chantaal, it’s your birthday! As the founder of GRCT we have a few things for you that we thought we’d share with everyone.

First of all, Wolverine tried to bake you a cake. Sadly, there were issues and we’re sorry.

Then Deadpool wanted to bring you a gift. Oh, Deadpool. We never should have trusted him.

Which, understandably, kinda annoyed Siryn

But then Siryn wanted to make it up to you, so she sang a little something along with her dad.

The response was so positive, she gave you one more song

 And the night not quite over, Batman came and brought you a balloon

Satisfied with your wonderful day, you went to bed, and dreamed of nice things.

Chantaal, we need to talk, to tell you we love you. Thanks for bringing GRCT into our lives and we’re so happy being a part of this team,


Dee, Angel, Lina

About Dee

Officially a Canastralian. Longtime comic fan, and lover of the graphic medium. Grey up with the X-Men and Avengers, and moved to the world of DC and independents shortly after. Cosplayer, Costumer, and all around crafty person. Loves to travel and works her butt off for a number of conventions here in Oz.
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