Review – Valkyrie Squadron : Anomaly

Valkyrie Squadron follows a crew of four young women part of an alliance with all of humanity to fight a war against the autodrones (robots) in space. The drones have been attacking innocent colonists for reasons unknown to the Alliance. The story opens on the Valkyries during a routine rescue mission that takes a very strange turn. As the mystery unfolds behind the mission’s bizarre twist, more and more clues to the whereabouts of the missing colonists will come to light. The tide of the war has changed. Which way will it go?

Valkyrie Squandron is by Jules Rivera, and it’s a good story with art to match. The description alone was enough to catch my interest – kick-ass women in space? How can that not be at the very least intriguing? Jules has done a great job at building both a world and story in a sci-fi setting.

The squad consists of Lt. Priscilla Vega, Tech Officer Adia Ukpo, Ensign Casey Anders, Lt. Junior Class Jocelyn Gomez and they are a diverse bunch of women. They work together and there is a camaraderie and honest friendship outside of the field of battle, but there are also secrets and warring personalities. It goes a long way to hook the reader into the story, with the action and mystery of the first arc of the book balanced well against the characters and their own personal development.

There only real issue I had with the book was the use of sound effects, something that faded as I read further. It was enough to have me add the comic to my list of regular reads, and to recommend it strongly to others. It’s a great series and it’s great to see one that focuses on strong and interesting women.

You can buy the first issue (along with a sketch) at the Valkyrie Squadron Site. Or you can read it online here.

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