Random Awesome: Street Clothes X-Men.

Rogue in Street Clothes by Andy MacDonald

Taking a quick break from the marathon of squee that is Avengers Weekend to talk about some truly fantastic X-Menfan art that I stumbled upon earlier this week (thanks Tumblr!). One of the things that I love about fan art is when it re-imagines characters I love, but manages to still keep them recognizable. Fan art is a great expression of affection for a character as well as something I admire given that I actually have negative artistic talent.

This particular project by Andy MacDonald is no exception. MacDonald has been posting for the past few weeks a series of particular X-Men in street clothes. They’re recognizable for having a believability that you can see these characters walking around in, each with their particular color palette as well as using clothes to display elements of their personality.

Plus it’s a lot of fun. And who doesn’t enjoy a little fun?

There aren’t that many so far, but from the looks of it there will (hopefully) be more in the future. I seriously recommend taking the time to check out the full set at MacDonald’s site: Whiskey Mech. Happy weekend everyone!

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