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Welcome Spazzy! You can find her on twitter @ComixBookGurl, on Tumblr, and blogging about Selina Kyle at Catwoman Chronicles.

Tell us about yourself!
I’m mainly known as ComixBookGurl, or Spazzy. I am a 27 year-old crazy fangirl that lives in Austin, Texas working as a Disease Investigation Specialist in the Communicable Disease Unit. Hobbies include collecting comic art/statues/busts, reading comics, writing about comics, talking about Catwoman, podcasting, cooking, working out, studying, cosplaying, and having grand old adventures. There really isn’t a dull moment with me.

How did you get into comics?
I got into comics thanks to my grandfather. He was in the army with Frank Gorshin (the Riddler from the ‘66 Batman show with Adam West and Burt Ward) and I just sort of fell in love with the character Catwoman. When I was in about 2nd grade, I walked into the local Waldenbooks (R.I.P.) and just saw a Catwoman comic, which was #37 and that awesome Jim Balent cover. I couldn’t resist. The rest is history and to this day, I read more comics than I can count.

Do you just read comics, or do you express your love in other ways?
I do just about everything, honestly. I blog about Catwoman when I can, write reviews for Expert Comics, I’m on two all-girl podcasts (The PrincessCast and Nerd Girls Eye View). I really do try to wave my geek flag high and proud.

What are some comics you’re currently reading and enjoying?
Catwoman! (obviously) Any Batman-related titles, Soulfire, Fathom, Locke & Key, Tarot, The Walking Dead, Artifacts, Rachel Rising, Saga, Fables, Morning Glories and a lot, lot more. I really cannot express how much I read. It’s borderline ridiculous.

Who is your favorite character?
Catwoman is my all time favorite character. I think we’re at an understanding about that now. But I also enjoy Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade, especially Ron Marz’s run. Zatanna, because who doesn’t love a lovely girl in fishnets that cast spells? Harley Quinn, Batwoman, and even Buffy. I believe in strong characters with dynamic voices and really fleshed out.

Who are your favorite artist(s) & writer(s)?
Jim Balent, Holly G!, Adam Hughes, Michael Turner, J. Scott Campbell, Darwyn Cooke, Bruce Timm, Phil Noto, Joseph Michael Linsner, Dustin Nguyen, Amanda Conner, Joe Eisma, Robbi Rodriquez , Ted Naifeh, Cal Slayton, Eric Canete, and Tim Sale for artists. Jim Balent, Holly G, Ron Marz, Bill Willingham, Geoff Johns, Paul Dini, Brian K. Vaughn, Mark Waid, Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, Ed Brubaker, Warren Ellis, Chuck Dixon, Steve Niles, Greg Rucka, Kevin Smith, Scott Synder, and Jeph Loeb for writers. I just think these are the best that comics have to offer in this day and age.

Do you have a favorite comic storyline?
As cheesy as it may be, I really still love Batman: Hush. I just think everything about that storyline is great. Yeah, it’s a bit too much at times, but the fact the villains just KEEP coming after Bruce, and the whole is he or isn’t he alive with Jason Todd? Just too cool.

How do you usually buy your comics?
I mainly collect single issues, but if there is a story I really love I will pick up the trade as well. I don’t really like reading comics digitally. It’s just that I’m not used to it. There’s just something special about holding a creation like a comic in your hand and flipping the page. Call it magical, call it whatever, but I don’t see myself going digital right now.

What are some thing you love about comics? Some things that frustrate you?
I love the stories and the escapism of it all. Far off planet adventures, or just the thrill of a diamond heist.. I just love getting lost in the stories. Comics combine two of my favorite things: art and reading. I couldn’t see myself without them.

Some things that frustrate in the comic world are the backlashes from fans. Sometimes fanboys and fangirls can be the best and the worst. I know I have been there, but it is still very frustrating to see some pettiness at times.

What does your dream book look like?
It would star Catwoman (of course) written by Bryan K. Vaughn with art by Robbi Rodriguez. Possible colors by Nathan Fairburn or Matt Wilson.

Any final thoughts?
Thank you for letting me do this! Check out the podcasts! GO SAGA!

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  1. Matt Goldey says:

    Spazzy is awesome! I got to meet her at Dallas Comic Con 2011 while she was waiting in line to meet Amanda Conner.
    Matt Goldey recently posted..mattgoldey: Reader Spotlight: Spazzy (@comixbookgurl) : Profile

  2. Lan Pitts says:

    This girl is just too cool.

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