BCC 2012: Panel Coverage Day 1

This year I had the pleasure of being able to attend Baltimore Comic Con. A smaller con when compared to SDCC or NYCC, but no less fabulous (perhaps, dare I say it, a better convention if comics are really your thing more than films and video games). I had the chance to sit on a few panels, talk to a lot of creators of all sorts of things and generally have a good time. This is will be a two article series, with this first part focusing on the Saturday Panels I attended and with the second part focusing on Sunday’s panel and a rundown of creators I had a chance to talk to. 

PANEL ONE: The British Invasion (noon est)

(L to R): Mark Buckingham, Robert Greenberger, Barry Kitson and Brian Bolland

In one sentence: Robert Greenberger moderates a panel focusing on the evolution of British artists in American comics which was far less boring than this sentence makes it sound.


      • Everyone was late to the panel (except Robert), which led to the sharing of an anecdote about losing Brian Bolland in Washington, DC on Wednesday night.
      • Working in chronological order, panel started with Brian Bolland.
          • Bolland (or he of the amazing spectacles): 
              • first started collecting comics at age 10 (1961), picking up DC.
              • First work was on Power Man in 1975 with Dave Gibbons. This was published in Nigeria, then in 1977: Started doing covers for Judge Dredd
              • Logistics of transporting work back & forth were the main issue.
              • The Society of Strip Illustrators (which binds all three men together) was a good resource
              • Works almost entirely in digital, prefers to get script instead of just plot.
              • Requested to work with Alan Moore after Camelot, often wonders if Barbara didn’t suffer because of Moore’s falling out with DC.
          • Kitson:
              • First job was on Spider-Man, working for Marvel in London. Got the job by virtue of knowing the entire office after attending a farewell party.
              • Would also end up working on Judge Dredd.
              • Has done work for Batgirl, Legion of Superheroes annual, Catwoman in Action Comics.
              • Appreciated that there was no large divide between those who wanted to be writers/artists and those who were professionals earlier on during his time with the Society of Strip Illustrators.
              • Does about half digital, half by hand. Prefers to get plot over script.
          • Buckingham:
              • Did what he refers to as his growing up in public, has done comparably little work in the British market.
              • Tends to adjust to fit work done by those previously.
              • Large portions of his early work were courtesy of the pushing of Neil Gaiman and Karen Berger
              • Also tutted at Robert Greenberger for reading wikipedia for his background information, re: Buckingham’s first published work.
                  • Heartbreak Hotel’s Wild Side of Life was inspired by Leech and Davis.
              • Stated that it tends to be a one-way track with Brits exporting to America, rather than the reverse.
              • Works in all card and enjoys collaborating with his writers.

What’s Cooking/Up Next:

      • Buckingham: Working on Fables, Doctor Who and heaps of other stuff.
      • Kitson: Working on Thor with Matt Fraction
      • Bolland:  Working on Dial H

PANEL TWO: Marvel NOW! (3pm EST)

Tom Brevoort (far left), Mark Waid (middle in blue, third in from right) and four fans.

In one sentence: Tom Brevoort (with a side of Mark Waid) promotes the upcoming Marvel NOW! event with a heaps of fan Q&A and a few technical difficulties.


      • Brevoort and Waid both stressed that high numbers on titles do notsell large numbers, thus part of the reason why renumbering keeps happening.
          • Stressed that it was all about accessibility to new fans.
      • October sees the arrival of Marvel NOW point one issues as a starting point.
          • Titles being renumbered/participating: Uncanny Avengers, All New X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor: God of Thunder, Indestructible Hulk, Captain America, Deadpool, X-Men Legacy and A+X.
      • Four fans were able to read Captain America #1, Iron Man #1, Thor: God of Thunder #1 and the Ant Man (Scott Lang) story from the point one FF story. Only good things could be said by them about what they read.
      • Only the writing teams on titles are changing, not the editorial staff.
      • No word on what will happen to New Mutants or those coming out of Avengers Academy, as well as Juggernaut/Colossus. X-23 will be appearing some book.
          • Wolverine and the X-Men is staying,  with a new X-Force in the works.
      • 1963 versions of the X-Men will have a lot on their plates coping with the ‘horrific’ future that awaits them that they now get to see in action.
      • Mark Waid said that he will not be immediately returning to stand-by Hulk villains, but reserves the right to change his mind. He also said that his take on the Hulk turned out to be a lot like Mark Ruffalo’s without any discussion between them.
          • He also solved the problem of Hulk’s tendency to go through purple pants like there is no tomorrow.

What’s Cooking/Up Next:

          • Possibility of the return of Janet van Dyne aka Wasp and Cable in some capacity.
              • Also the throwaway line of Doctor Strange being sued for malpractice could become a real thing.
          • Solo titles (such as Hawkeye) will eventually tie into Marvel NOW but will not be renumbered.
          • More infinites and digital comics for all!
          • Amazing Spider-Man #700 is a hugely big deal, supposedly changing Spidey’s world in a big way (such a big way that Brevoort said that even mentioning it probably has Dan Slott quivering somewhere).
          • Thanos mini will eventually see the light of day (when is not certain).

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