BCC 2012: Sunday

Sundays at conventions are always a little bit more relaxed than earlier days. (I blame the combination of exhaustion, hangovers and the impending workweek for that.) However they also happen to be some of my favorite days for just that reason. For day two of BCC, I sat through the IDW panel but mostly spent time on the floor checking out old favorites and acquiring new loves. This post shares what IDW had to say and has a quick round-up of creators I talked to that you should definitely check out (even if we haven’t had a chance to review them formally; it’s only a matter of time). 

Panel: IDW

Top row (l to r): Tim Truman & Tom Zoller
Bottom row (l to r): Andrew Griffith, Jamal Igle & Ron Marz

One sentence: IDW’s Dirk Wood hosts a panel to hype what’s coming up from the publisher featuring a rotating group of guests and a lot of segues and off-topic jokes.

Highlights/Quick-and-Dirty tidbits:

      • Started with Wood hyping this years big interplanetary, multiverse crossover: Mars Attacks IDW! 
            • This was when there was the obligatory Clint Eastwood/Chair OTP joke occurred. 
            • The Mars Attacks titles haven’t been leaked, but will start in January 2013 with 5 one shots.
                • Tom Zoller then proceeds to pitch Mars Attacks My Little Pony, which earns him a cheer from the audience.
      • Moved onto Tim Truman, particularly his project Hawkenwhich he is working on with his son, Ben. (Truman’s daughter was in the audience.)
            • Truman talks about how the experience of working on Hawken with his son has been like working with an old army buddy and an overall great experience.
              • He also appreciates the response from the readers. It’s a labor of love for him.
              • Hawken will continue for as long as IDW will have them and continue in black & white as it gives the book the “found in the desert” quality Truman likes.
            • Truman will also be doing a cover for the new Judge Dredd that is on the horizon.
                • Judge Dredd will be 18 issues with a 6 page back-up in every issue done by another writer.
        • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magicis returning and will be penned by Katie Cook.
            • Wood mentions that he has received more email about My Little Pony than anything else lately. States that the Bronies and the Pegasisters have spoken, which earns him a cheer from the crowd.
        • Tom Zoller talks about Love and Capesand how he loves the chance to play with super hero tropes.
            • The next arc deals with pregnancy and the terrible tropes that seem to happen when the non-superpowered significant other gets knocked up by the hero.
              • Will feature a body swap during month 8 and hilarity will ensue.
        • Zoller then has to dash, which opens up space for Igle and Mars who were hanging around.
        • Igle talks about how he never imagined that he would draw a KISS comic book.
            • Igle then gets teased about wearing the KISS make-up while drawing and talks about signing at SDCC with Gene Simmons.
        • Ron Marz talks The Historians which he and Igle worked on, based on a premise from US Air Force reservist, Eric Sellers.
            • Will be an old school time travel adventure about a secret Air Force team that protect the time stream and what happens when one goes rogue and decides to change things for his own benefit.
        • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which will be 60 pages in December 2012, instead of the original 48 written by Kevin Eastman
        • Locke & Key: Omegastarts in November and is the last arc.
            • There will be one shots, including one called Alpha, which will then be collected in a TPB.
        • Both Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation are starting up again, the timing being largely accidental despite both titles crossing over for several issues recently.
        • Andrew Griffiths talks Transformers and how he was spotted after submitting something to a contest run by IDW looking for new talent.
            • A short run with the original Transformers writers which picks up right after their original run ended.

Vague On the Horizon:

      • Possible tie in with the new Star Trek movie.
      • SSRII with Eric Powell (this slide featured a logo of a smiling demon and nothing else).
      • Possibly more Rocketeer
      • Artists Editions start out with Joe Kubert’s Tarzan. Special editions with covers finished by various artists after the death of Kubert will be sold with proceeds going to a TBA charity.

An Assortment of Others from Outside Panels:

        • Conor McCreery
        • Alethea Kontis
        • Janet K. Lee
        • Andrew Pepoy
        • Sara Richard
        • Mindy Steffen
        • JT Waldman
        • Tradd Moore
        • Erica J. Heflin
        • Garrett Free
        • Mike Maihack
        • Amanda Rachels
        • Jason Horn
        • Yale Stewart
        • And quite a few others that I apologize in advance for forgetting! My notes are messy!

 That’s all for now. Check back in October when Angel and I hit up NYCC 2012!


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