Webcomic Wednesday: Kate or Die

Apple Spice and Caramel and Cinnamon by Kate Leth

We have covered a few of our favourite webcomics before (a year ago! oh my!), but each week we hope to bring a little spotlight to what we’re reading, what we like and what’s coming up from the wilds of the web. As a big fan of webcomics (and how they bring a little comic-y goodness to my workday), I want to welcome everyone to what will hopefully be a weekly feature!


Kate or Die! is written, drawn and colored by Kate Leth. It’s a fun, quirky little webcomic that features a little bit of everything. It can be fun and amusing tackling comic shop interactions and strange pop culture quirks just as quickly as it can take on more difficult topics such as queerness, feminism, and self-injury. All of these little comics stand pretty strongly on their own, but the wide variety of topics covered never feels unwieldy or like it is bouncing around too much. Each one provides a little insight into what they talk about, even if it is just hilariously cornball romantic jokes.

The art is great entirely on its own but it occupies a special place in my heart because it hits some sort of strange nostalgia factor in my brain. Mostly drawn in full-color these days, there are still a frequent occurrences of comics that are in black&white.  Kate or Die! occupies a special place in my RSS reader as does Kate Leth’s art. Definitely worth taking a look at (or several looks at).

Kate can be found on both Twitter and Tumblr in addition to her site linked above!

Are you the creator of a webcomic? Are you lacking in mad comic skills, but have a webcomic that you love and think more people should check out? Then drop us a line either here in the comments or shoot us an email! We’re always looking for new things to read and get excited about!


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  1. Matt Goldey says:

    I love Kate or Die. Incidentally, Kate drew a fantastic variant cover for Marceline and the Vampire Queens #5 which is out this week. Find a copy if you can!

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