Tumblr Tuesdays: Diana Prince’s Diary

Tumblr Tuesdays is a new weekly post here at Girls Read Comics. We’ll be using to focus on the weird, wonderful things that we find on tumblr (except for fan art) that we think need more than a like or a reblog. Enjoy!

Diana Prince’s Diary manages to combine two things that I enjoy (one a little more openly than the other): Wonder Woman and Bridget Jones’ Diary. It’s not terrible old, but it happens to hit that sweet spot between being a parody and being good on its own merit.  It’s a fun little tumblr and I really hope that there will be more in the future. After all who doesn’t want to imagine Diana’s eye-rolling as she writes in her diary about how things could have gone better and how no one seems to take her seriously. It’s best if read in an English accent that has no place in being there. Or maybe that was just me that enjoyed it.

Check it out on Tumblr. It’s a quick read and a fun way to spent a few minutes.

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