Tumblr Tuesday: Comic Book Kissy Face

Tumblr Tuesdays is a weekly post here at Girls Read Comics. We’ll be using to focus on the weird, wonderful things that we find on tumblr (except for fan art) that we think need more than a like or a reblog. Enjoy!

One of my favorite random comic blogs on tumblr is Comic Book Kissy Face, a tumblr devoted to, as the tumblr description says: “prettily drawn guys and gals in compromising positions.” Most of the content comes from the blog owner’s personal comic book collection, and she takes requests for panels.

At the heart of it, Comic Book Kissy Face is really just a blog of kissing comic book characters and awesome panels. It’s always a fun blog to find on my dashboard, and I see it as a celebration of all pairings in all comic book universes.

That, and panels from Marvel Swimsuit Specials, because you can never have enough Marvel Swimsuit Issue panels, as far as I’m concerned.


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