Happy Apocalypse Day

The Mayans predicted it so we might as well get used to living in the Age of Apocalypse…

Let us now bow down to our new overlord.

apocalypse 1


From all of us here at GRCT we hope that you enjoyed our little tribute to what the Mayans really predicted. Now cue the theme music.

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A university graduate with three too many degrees and an urge to just keep moving. Not too keen to stay on the beaten path, moving is all that she feels like doing. Pieced together from a little bit of everywhere (culturally speaking) she has a love of pop culture and learning that is kind of out of control. Sometimes she acts a little bit like an insane old British lady or an eight year old on speed. Let's not get her started on the books (or soap operas or her affection for making up drinking games). Then we'd be here all day.
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