Random Awesome: Pete Holmes’s Ex-Men

Maybe it’s old news to some of you, but I’ve recently been delighted by Pete Holmes Shows run of sketches featuring Professor X firing every member of the X-Men one by one. They’re a lot of fun, and Pete Holmes as Prof. X, pointing out the problems with everyone’s powers is pretty hilarious. So far, they’ve spoofed Wolverine, Gambit, Jubilee, Angel and Iceman, but the Wolverine interview has to be my favorite.

“If I had my way, you and Beast would be over at the airport, sniffing bags with the TSA.”


The rest of the sketches can be found on Pete Holmes’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Troy Freund says:

    Holy cow, I didn’t know he was doing ALL the X-men – I’d only seen the Wolvie (which was AMAZING). The Iceman scene, with the concurrent takedown of Seal, was awesome!

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