“Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher” Review and Giveaway

Avengers Confidential

There’s been lots of talk and discussion lately on the lack of female-led superhero films (especially when Black Widow is poised for one right now), but the animated market does provide room for said films. While the title gives Punisher top billing as well, let’s be clear: this is Natasha’s film. Period.

And while this is not the Black Widow film we so desperately want, it’ll do.

Avengers Confidential features Black Widow and Punisher teaming up to take down an enemy corporation called Leviathan, who are your standard Big Bad trying to create and sell a super-powered army. While they aren’t anything special, they do provide some great character moments for Black Widow and Punisher.

The movie opens up with Frank Castle doing what he does best, which is pure, unrepenting violence. While there’s no gore and the blood is minimal, the dark animation and quick cuts create a tense atmosphere, and present the Punisher as he should be: terrifying.  For the rest of the movie, Frank is featured as a single-minded person with nothing but innocent lives and punishing on his mind, and it got old fast. He does have some moments – one particularly poignant one I won’t spoil here.  Brian Bloom’s voice work is perfect here.

AC: Black Widow

Let’s dance.

Natasha, however, is a joy. While Jennifer Carpenter did not live up to the voice work (especially surrounded by such a veteran cast), Widow is everything that we wish a great character to be. She’s competent, she’s impressive, she flirts, she feels, and most importantly, she’s given plenty of light-hearted moments (mostly ribbing Frank) to balance out how dark the film is.

And the animation. I’m so torn. On one hand, she’s designed just as you’d expect, and I sighed. But then the fight scenes began, and they were a joy to behold. Natasha is a goddamn lethal ballerina, and it shows in every move she makes. It’s wonderful.

The pacing and plot move incredibly quickly – 45 minutes had passed in what felt like 15 – and there are some moments that made me groan (see: Amadeus Cho), but overall, Avengers Confidential is a fun addition to the Marvel Animated Series universe.

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