Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (Spoiler-Free Edition)


I don’t know if you know, but Guardians of the Galaxy came out this weekend. Look out for a spoilery discussion once the rest of the GRC team gets the chance to watch it!

I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy a few days early thanks to the wonderful people over at Skype Moments. The experience was great, starting with free popcorn and soda and ending with a small gift bag of a t-shirt, button set, and stickers. Shiny, shiny Guardian-themed stickers. Everyone in the audience were obvious Marvel fans, which was especially obvious in the fact that nobody left once the credits started – unfortunate, because our screening didn’t have an end credits scene. Damn you, Skype Moments! I love you, but daaaamn yooooou!

A few images from my night.

So, on to the film.

There are many moments and points I want to touch upon that will have to wait until the spoiler review/discussion, but for an overall theme, I’m going to quote my wonderful, hilarious boyfriend:

#GuardiansoftheGalaxy are kind of like the A-Team….. if the A-Team was full of drunk sociopaths.

That is basically the gist of what I got out of Guardians of the Galaxy as well; it’s got all the rough and tumble action fun of the A-Team, and plays fast and loose and has fun with its PG-13 rating. There are great emotional moments, there are ridiculously over the top and fun action scenes, and some of the best musical cues I have scene in any movie recently.

clintbartons @ tumblrThe color palette of the film was amazing, especially after the sepia-toned Wonder Woman reveal at Comic Con, and the recent glut of desaturated or teal and blue movies. Color saturates every single frame of this film, even in scenes with monochromatic sets, and it makes for a visually exciting experience.

Then there’s the humor. It’s exactly the kind of humor you’d expect out of a movie like this, and what I loved best was that Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon didn’t carry the humor – everyone had at least one great funny moment. There were many times the next few lines of the film were drowned out by the laughter of the audience, and it ranged from the very basest of physical comedy to some great Marvel-related quips and gags.

While I did have some problems with some aspects of the movie, such as Gamora and Nebula’s motivation versus everyone else’s (more about that in the spoiler review), I think the film as a whole came out strong and did exactly what I expected of it: I laughed a lot, and it’s opened up cosmic Marvel for the movie universe, which I love. Love love love.

avatarwinchester @ tumblr

P.S. If Groot doesn’t end up being everyone’s favorite character of 2014, then there is something wrong with this world.

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