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Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our pull of the week:


Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: David Marquez
Colors: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics


(A little more than that, Smug Solicit, but we’ll take it because we love Miles. – Chantaal)



  • Grayson #2: I enjoyed where the first issue left off, though I’m floundering a tiny bit because I felt like the reveal should have meant more to me if I read more DC. Either way, I like where it’s going, and I’m in it for this first story arc, at least.
  • Green Arrow #34: You guys should see my unread stack. It’s ridiculous, and a majority of it is something like 8 back issues of GA, but I can’t help it. I’m not quite caught up, but I keep pulling it because I loved Lemire’s first story arc when he took over the series. He gained my eternal loyalty on GA after I bought the first two New 52 volumes on a whim and hated them. I’ll keep pulling and saving GA for a rainy day as long as Lemire’s on it.
  • Lazarus #10: I really love this title. It has all the dystopian elements I love in a good story. I’m a few issues behind, but that just means a few issues to binge read, yay!
  • Black Widow #9: Loving this series so far. I’m either in love with the art or wish Noto would do more depending on how I’m feeling at any given time, but as a whole, it’s a great book.
  • Moon Knight 6Moon Knight #6: Marvel, why would you bring back this incredibly weird character, make me love Ellis’ weird story and Shalvey & Bellaire’s fantastic art, and then LET THEM LEAVE? You’re going to give me a complex. I barely want to start Cyclops now that I know Rucka is leaving, too.
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4: I’d blame Angel for her love for Miles bleeding over to me, but that’d be a lie. He’s great all on his own, and I’ll pick up any book for him. I’m a little disappointed with the art in All-New Ultimates, so going back to an issue drawn by David Marquez is going to be wonderful. Also, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH YOU-KNOW-WHO COMING BACK, I NEED KNOOOOWWWW.
  • Original Sin #5.3: I’m weirdly invested in this story, though I tend to enjoy anything that pairs Thor and young Loki. I’m just gonna keep ignoring Angela’s outfit.
  • Rocket Raccoon #2: I am intrigued and entertained and I want to plaster Skottie Young’s art all over my walls.


Another light week for me, but I’m hoping to finally start reading Black Widow soon (the upcoming cover with Laura Kinney finally pushed me over the edge), and both She-Hulk and Moon Knight are on my to-read lists as well.

  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4: There are a lot of balls in the air in terms of plot in this book right now, and I’m hoping that at least a few of them fall this week. While I love these characters and this book a lot, and I’ve been enjoying it, it’s seemed like not much has happened for a little while now. But considering the ending of #3, I think that streak is finally coming to an end.
  • Legendary Star-Lord #2: I’m in full on Guardians hype mode after seeing the film, and even though I was reading both this and the current Guardians of the Galaxy title before the film’s release (prompted by the trailer at SDCC 2013), I’m still all about these characters. I’m really liking Sam Humphries’s take on Peter Quill too.
  • Rocket Raccoon #2: The first issue of this comic was delightful in just about every way. Skottie Young’s art and writing are perfect for this book, and I think it’s probably the most fun I’ve had reading a Marvel title in a while.


It’s a light week for me as well, which makes my bank account (and my backlog) very happy. There’s always the chance that I’ll end up snagging something on the random when I head to get my comics, but this is what’s on the “definitely” list.

  • Fairest #28: It’s the final arc! I actually really enjoy Fairest even if it felt a little out of place on my reading list in the beginning. I’m going to miss this world! Maybe there will be some sort of crazy ending? Eh, who cares; it could end with everyone napping and I’d still read to the series end.
  • Black Widow #9:notoblackwidow9  I LOVE THIS TITLE. I came for Natasha and Phil Noto’s art, I’ve stayed for Edmonson’s masterful storytelling. I was raised on spy thrillers and action sequences (especially those that seem to make the Cold War seem endlessly fascinating and glamorous) and there’s something wonderfully throw-backy about this series. I sang the praises of the title back with issue one and I’ll probably revisit it in another review soon. In the meantime, I’m eagerly waiting to see how Natasha escapes a ship tied with explosives! Woo!
  • Legendary Star-Lord #2 & Rocket Raccoon #2: Let’s just all love on the Guardians of the Galaxy a little more. Both are highly enjoyable (both art and storytelling) and maybe if these sell well, we will manage to get a Gamora solo. I’d be into it.



Short and a little bittersweet this week.  I really need to catch up on She-Hulk.Moon Knight 6

  • Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1:  New Usagi!  Always on board.
  • Fairest #28: Final arc!  And it’s… kinda blandly all over the map so far, to be honest.  Just waiting to see how it all comes together in the end.
  • Lazarus #10: Apparently it’s a stand-alone issue this month, so I’m going to use it as an opportunity to catch up on this great series after falling behind.
  • Moon Knight #6: Already?  This book was too pure for this world.


  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4: Last month’s was fun but one of those semi-inconsequential middle issues where mostly it’s build-up to things that happen later. Hopefully this issue contains more of those things happening later, with follow-ups on Katie Bishop (what’s her deal!) and, y’know, the whole “who is that pretending to be Peter Parker” thing.
  • Miracleman #9: Having never read this before, I’ve found the reissues fairly fascinating in terms of what still works and what seems products of the time. (And what wasn’t a product of the time but was adopted by folks as a result.)
  • Superier Foes of Spider-Man #14: The best thing to come out of Spider-Ock was this charming little story of fuck-ups fucking up, and I am heartily enjoying every issue.



There are a lot of books this week I’d normally be reading, but I’m still catching up on a Superior Foes 14three-week backlog, so my To Read Immediately list is pretty short as a result:

  • She-Hulk #7: Still my favourite of Marvel’s selection of female solo ongoings. Pulido’s back on art this month, and it looks like Hellcat’s gonna be front and centre with Jen. Soule continues to delight and surprise, so I’m eager to read this next issue.
  • Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14: We’re reaching the penultimate hour of the story set up in the very first issue, but I could seriously read about the adventures of Shocker and Silvermane’s head forever. Just a hilarious book through and through.

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