Spider-Gwen Week: The Real Life Mary Janes [Interview]


Last year’s Edge of Spider-Verse #2 introduced the world to Spider-Gwen, the alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy, the long dead girlfriend of Peter Parker. In her universe, she’s Spider-Woman, having been bit by a genetically altered spider instead of Peter, who died after genetic experimentation on himself.

The issue was, without a doubt, the most popular issue of the Edge of Spider-Verse series. As of this writing, it’s on its fifth printing, and has not only spawned fan-art and cosplay, but a real life version of Gwen Stacy’s band from the issue, The Mary Janes. Real life band Married with Sea Monsters’ “Face it, Tiger” became an internet sensation. The indie/alternative rock band’s single managed to capture the feel of the issue and the sound true to the garage band style that might come from The Mary Janes.

And in celebration of the first issue of Spider-Gwen’s solo series, they’ll be performing this weekend at the release party for the book, at Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find. We caught up with them in advance of the release to talk Spider-Gwen.


Married with Sea Monsters: the real life Mary Janes

Girls Read Comics Too: Did you expect the song to get the amount of attention that it did?

Married with Sea Monsters: We absolutely did not expect that kind of response to Face It Tiger. It blew us away! We’re up to 85,000 hits on youtube, and it’s still going strong. Hopefully people will be just as receptive to the next MJ song, Paper Doll. We’re dropping that one on Wednesday (Feb. 25th) in honor of the first book of the series!

GRCT: What drew you to Spider-Gwen in particular?

MWSM: We’ve been close with Robbi for a long time, so we’re usually in the know about what he’s working on. He mentioned this, and started posting previews of some really awesome scenes. We got really interested when he told us she was in a band. He sent over a shot of the opening pages, and we wanted to make that song! It seemed only natural to write music for another one of his comics after the work we did on FGYG. (The album is called Destrudo, the comic is called Frankie Get Your Gun.)Jason Latour S-G 1 Variant

GRCT: Are you avid comic book readers?  If so, what books (and comic book ladies) are you loving right now?

MWSM: Ryan, Alden, and Jared are casual readers. Kat is a comic nerd, and is really loving Squirrel Girl.

GRCT: Do you have anything else planned for The Mary Janes down the line?

MWSM: We absolutely want to keep writing for the Mary Janes as long as we can. It’s become our pet project, and we’ve learned a lot from having to write in a simpler style. Ideally we’d love to track a song per book.

GRCT: DC comics is launching a new title starring their Black Canary character, and she’s part of a band too. If someone else forms a real life version of that band, do you think you’d be up for a comic book battle of the bands?

MWSM: We would be so down for that battle if it came down to it, but we’d really prefer a joint tour! Can’t we all just get along?!

Spider-Gwen #1 releases tomorrow, February 25th, and The Mary Janes’s second single “Paper Doll” is expected to release tomorrow. Keep an eye on their YouTube page. For more Married with Sea Monsters, check out them out on iTunes.

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