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Chantaal | @strongpieces
Creator, Editor, Contributor

My name’s Chantaal, and apparently I’m a geek goddess. Who knew!

I’m 28, live in southern California, and currently work in social media while studying for a degree in Philosophy. I’ve made mine Marvel for years, but am finally beginning to branch out. My top five heroes are Siryn, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wiccan and Batgirl (Steph). My favorite artists are Amanda Conner, Emanuela Lupacchino, Dennis Calero, Skottie Young, Fiona Staples, and Olivier Coipel, colorists are Christina Strain and Sonia Oback, and writers are Brian Wood, Peter David, Allan Heinberg, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian K. Vaughan, Marjorie Liu, Gail Simone and Bryan Q. Miller. My favorite titles at the moment are Young Avengers, Captain Marvel, Avengers, X-Men, Saga, Hawkeye, Mara, X-Factor.

I’m on Tumblr, if you’re so inclined.

Angel | @genjadeshade

I’m Angel and I’m a 29 year old everything-nerd living in the southern United States, though I love Southern California enough that I visit it at least bi-annually. I didn’t start reading comics until I was in high school, so I’m likely a bit behind some of the other ladies here. My main love is Marvel, though I’ve started to read a lot more DC lately. I tend to keep up with pretty much any title X-23 is in, these days. I’d gladly follow Peter David and Matt Fraction onto the surface of the sun, and I want to wallpaper my walls with Mike Choi art.

I’m also on Tumblr. 

blogpicLina | @adjectively

Salut! I’m Lina and at 26, I’m the baby of this group.  Presently residing in Washington D.C., I have a strange addiction to go pretty much anywhere (road trips are my favorite). A Marvel fan since I was about seven (the X-Men comics were used to ply me away from the cheesy Marvel cartoons and Doctor Who reruns of my youth), I am returning to a love of DC as well. With a preference for Mockingbird and the Black Cat (and I love Wanda and Squirrel Girl) from Marvel and a deep affection for Supergirl in DC, I love girls who sometimes do bad things. I have recently started to develop a deep affection for a few IDW Publishing titles and I love to read an independent comic whenever I can get my hands on them.

I also can be found on Tumblr if you are so inclined.

Credit for Miss GRCT goes to a friend of blog, Dianna:

My name’s Dianna, and I’m a marketer by day, comic and animation enthusiast by night. I grew up using crayons and colored pencils but, when I was fifteen, I managed to get my hands on a Wacom tablet and Photoshop — and that was like opening Pandora’s box, soaking up any free time I had. You can find me on both Twitter and Tumblr, with information on commission pricing on the latter.

14 Responses to About/Contact

  1. Sam Johnson says:

    Hi, my character Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman has just made her color debut–alongside Karl Altstaetter & Robert Napton’s Deity (which also has a strong female lead) and A. David Lewis, Michael Angelo Lee & Chuck Bordell’s Gangland Avalon–in Visionary Comics’ Digital Visions #4, and I wondered if you’d be up for reviewing it at Girls Read Comics?

    Here’s a short blurb on what Cabra’s about:

    No longer willing to let her boyfriend/pimp treat her like dirt, Cabra Cini got lethal payback with the help of voodoo magik–and liked it. Voodoo became her new addiction and Cabra has cleaned up her act and forged a deadly new vocation… Cabra’s color debut in Visionary Comics’ Digital Visions #4 available to download free via http://www.samjohnson-comics.blogspot.com/

    Look forward to hearing from you,


  2. Ben S. says:

    How might someone get in touch with either of you?

  3. Chuck says:

    OMG….I didn’t know there was a website talking about comics from 5 very beautiful women point of views. I think I’m in love.

  4. Hey–where would I send you guys review copies?!

  5. HM says:

    Hurray for more feminist comic bloggers! I’m glad I stumbled across your site via Google.

  6. Paul Azzopardi says:

    Dear Dee,

    I loved your interview with Nicola Scott. Her art is just wow.

    I too come from Canada and live here in Sydney, have had for the last 34 years. Your columns are great. I would love to chat and talk comics with a fellow Canuck. Feel free to email me – marvelgeek70@hotmail.com

    BTW, ithink you have lovely eyes and a great smile too.

    Please take care

    Paul Azzopardi

  7. Just wanted to pop and say that as a young woman who is not only a comic book fan, but also a comic book writer, I absolutely love this website.

    Keep up the great stuff!

  8. From SillWill Studios: I hope you all get the chance to check out our current webcomic, “The Adventures of Astrodog: Where in the Moon is Astrid O’Dell?” It’s a sci-fi adventure mystery set on the moon. It’s kid-friendly with a nostalgic flair to the old sci-fi serials. Think Flash Gordon meets Johnny Quest and Nancy Drew. We also have a book trailer on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REMAQggdJPc

  9. CL Matus says:

    Just found came across this website and love it! Keep up the good work!

  10. Ashlee says:

    Hey, guys! Just wanted to say that I love your site! I’m also a female comic book nerd and, well, nerd in general. So, I was so happy to find a gathering of like-minded individuals online! Keep up the awesome work!


    P.S. I also cannot stop watching the new Captain America trailer. I am so excited to see the Winter Soldier!!!

  11. I’m the complete creative team for my comic books. Everything from writing to finished renders. Mine are… somewhat unique, though. I use computer animation programs for the rendering.
    I wouldn’t mind sending out review copies by email, if anyone’s interested. I’ve already got 5 books out on the market. I’ll grant that the earliest books had their share of problems artistically, but I’ve since improved. Reviews so far compare them favorably to Batman, Thor and Street Fighter I’m happy to say.
    I’m on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamAngelComicBooks
    The books are all available in my store here: http://www.dreamangelsparadise.com/blog/ Along with my soft action figures and a few other fun goodies.

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