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Art Love: Dynamic Duo

 Dynamic Duo by Arielle    

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Review: Black Widow, vol. 5 #1

Story: Nathan Edmondson Art: Phil Noto Letters: Clayton Cowles Publisher: Marvel Behind the cut is a review for Black Widow, volume 5, issue 1. There are light spoilers for this issue, but none for future issues. If you’d like to go in complete … Continue reading

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Art Love: Black Widow

Black Widow by theopteryx

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We Make Avengers Inspired Make Up Palettes!

I am a make up junkie. That’s just a fact. Inglot Cosmetics have always been a company I’ve eyed for a while because I’ve always heard good things about them, and they have an awesome customize it yourself freedom system … Continue reading

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Best of the Best – Round Two Day Four

EDIT: Today’s poll is closed! (And so is round 2) The Winners: Black Canary, Psylocke, Harley Quinn, Scandal Savage, Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Power Girl, Dust Today’s the last day of this round!

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Female Friendships: Image Not Found?

I like to read comics about girl friendships. I’ll admit that as a blanket statement that sounds both absurd and really broad, but it’s the truth. I like to see my favourite female characters, hanging out, being friends or colleagues … Continue reading

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Catching Up!

We’ve all been pretty busy lately here, between cons, birthdays, getting sick, work, and all the other various things life throws at us. We still have lots of interesting posts in the work, so we’re throwing this up as a … Continue reading

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Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day Six]

30 Days of Marvel Day 6: Favourite Organization I’m not 100% sure what that means, but I’m just going to go ahead and assume that SHIELD qualifies because I want to talk about SHIELD. It’s a bit of a hilarious … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week – Jan 9-15

With A on holiday and C busy entertaining out of town guests, pick of the week was left to Dee and Emma! Dee: There were a lot of choices this week, as there were a lot of good comics.  But … Continue reading

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