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NYCC Roundup – Part Two

Here’s the second half of my NYCC recap, which I know you’ve all been waiting for.  I’ve already rambled on a bit about Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke and Gail Simone, but I haven’t done much else have I? … Continue reading

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NYCC 2010 Round up – Part 1

Three days down and I’m tired and worn out, but still riding a post-con high.  I’m going to try and do a bit of a recap here, but I know that I’ll forget things and I don’t want to just … Continue reading

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Dee’s current favourite titles

For the second week of our favorites, Chantaal and I will be listing our top three favorite on-goings.  These are actual runs, not limited or ended series. Chantaal listed hers yesterday, and today it’s my turn. Secret Six I’ve written … Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Top 3 Superheroines

Dee’s already explained this in her post, so I’ll just on ahead and list out my top three. Siryn/Banshee I’m going to come straight and say that this is not a Best Superhero Role Models list – this is my … Continue reading

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Time Bomb Issue 2

Time Bomb #2 Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray Artist: Paul Gulacy Story: 5/5 Art: 5/5 Normally I don’t do individual issue reviews, but this week I only bought two books, both of which were superb.  Besides which, I wrote … Continue reading

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September 1 Releases – Dee’s Picks

This was a week of awesome.  I’ve been slowly narrowing down the number of books that I read monthly.  I like trades, and re-buying books seems like a waste of money at times.  That being said, there are always some … Continue reading

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DC vs Marvel – Why is it even a debate?

For a while now, I’ve been suggesting people listen to Jimmy Palmiotti’s podcasts from over at Where Monsters Dwell.  The man is not only one of the best comic writers out there, but he’s both interesting and hilarious to listen … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Violence

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray Art: Giancarlo Caracuzzo & Paul Mounts I have a love/hate relationship with horror, and most of what I know comes from movies.  Part of me loves being scared by it, but too often I … Continue reading

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30 Days of DC – Day 12

I had such grand plans this weekend.  I was going to finish a post on an artist I love, and finish reading last week’s comics and put up reviews.  Instead I studied for a citizenship test, went out with friends … Continue reading

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August 4th Releases Part Deux

Aka – Dee’s comics of the week.  There are a couple I picked up that Chantaal’s already covered, because I’m sure you don’t actually need to hear me talk about Hawkeye&Mockingbird again (love the story, iffy on the art) or … Continue reading

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