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Women in Comics – Nicola Scott

It’s been a while since our last women in comics post, but we have a bunch queued for this week. We thought we’d kick it off with one of GRCT favourites, artist Nicola Scott. After great runs on Birds of … Continue reading

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Question of the Week – Most Prized Comic Possession

Out of your comic memorabilia, what is your most prized possession? Today’s question of the week gives each of the GRCT crew to show off that one comic, autograph, action figure, cosplay or anything else that we prize above the … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week March 2-8

Dee: The first week of the month always seems to be a good one for the pull list! Being busy with my second weekend of Armageddon Expo didn’t precisely help me, though, and I (again) only have one comic.  Mostly … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week – Feb 2-8

It’s Saturday night. Emma is wine-drunk and reading comics! This is what she read and then blogged about in the third person: Secret Six #30 Last time I did one of these, some people disagreed with my assertion that strippers … Continue reading

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Dan Luvisi

I realised after posting the best of 2010 that I missed a few things that should have gotten a mention.  At the same point, there are few off that list I’d be able to remove. So I decided that – … Continue reading

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Dee’s top three Superheroes

Wow, was this a hard one.  After a few weeks off because of my crazy convention and travel home schedule, we’re back on track now.  But picking my favourite three superheroes?  Alright, that excluded a few people from the list.  … Continue reading

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Dee’s current favourite titles

For the second week of our favorites, Chantaal and I will be listing our top three favorite on-goings.  These are actual runs, not limited or ended series. Chantaal listed hers yesterday, and today it’s my turn. Secret Six I’ve written … Continue reading

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September 1 Releases – Dee’s Picks

This was a week of awesome.  I’ve been slowly narrowing down the number of books that I read monthly.  I like trades, and re-buying books seems like a waste of money at times.  That being said, there are always some … Continue reading

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Secret Six – Misfits United

Written by: Gail Simone Art by: Nicola Scott/Jim Calafiore Publisher: DC Anyone who knows me likely will tell you that it was inevitable that I’d write about this book when I decided to do posts on trades and graphic novels. … Continue reading

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August 4th Releases Part Deux

Aka – Dee’s comics of the week.  There are a couple I picked up that Chantaal’s already covered, because I’m sure you don’t actually need to hear me talk about Hawkeye&Mockingbird again (love the story, iffy on the art) or … Continue reading

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