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Fan Art Friday!

Fan Art Friday is a weekly post here at Girls Read Comics, where we’ll be highlighting a few pieces of fan art that catch our eyes during the week. Enjoy! Damian Wayne, by Doretetsu. Spider-Man Peter and Miles, by Polly … Continue reading

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Why I Love Miles Morales

I started reading Ultimate Spider-Man back in 2000, back when the title first launched. My comic reading was sporadic at best back then, but of the titles I did manage to pick up, it was one of my favorites. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who might’ve forgotten it, today’s Valentine’s Day! And in celebration, I’ve put together a small collection of  kissy-face comic book panels! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Spider-Man and Silver Sable

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SDCC: Favourite Announcements

Now that the dust is settling, it’s time for us here at GRCT to tell you about our favourite announcements from the weekend.  It’s a hard call, as there was a lot of news pouring out of the convention, but … Continue reading

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Memorable Marvel Moment: Mary Jean Beats the Chameleon

(Chantaal’s note – We continue with the Memorable Moments of Marvel Women series!  Welcome Laura from Greektress, today’s guest blogger.  If you want to write up a moment, email us at girlsreadcomicstoo@gmail.com.  We’d love the help, there are still a … Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Favorites: Civilians

With how easy it is to fall in love with the superheroes themselves, it’s harder to find a really well written civilian, someone who not only supports the hero(es) of the title, but complements and even betters them, as well. … Continue reading

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April 21st comics

First things first: Lina, my partner in Marvel crime, has started her own blog called The Nerdette’s Guide. Good reading for nerds and nerdettes alike! I’m really loving that Second Coming is a weekly story spread over different titles, unlike … Continue reading

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1602: New World

Greg Pak doesn’t have the chops to live up to Neil Gaiman, and it clearly shows in this 5-issue run, focusing on the characters left on Roanoke Island. He expands on Spider-Man and the Hulk and gives us Iron Man, but the rest of it falls horribly short. Continue reading

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