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Review: Battle of the Atom, parts 1 – 5

I’ve been keeping up with the Battle of the Atom event and decided to give it a review midway through the arc. There will be some light spoilers, so please keep that in mind before clicking the jump!

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Review: X-Men #1

(Using the Skottie Young variant cover just because it’s adorable.) X-Men #1 has been one of GRC’s most anticipated books, mainly because it not only features an all female X-Men team, but it features many of our favorite X-Men characters, … Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Comics to Look Forward to in 2013

This is a bit late since we’re already in February, but between classes and work it’s hard to stay on top of my comic reading, let alone find new things to read. But I do, and my poor bank account … Continue reading

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NYCC Friday: All New X-Men

I had the pleasure of attending several Marvel panels at NYCC on Friday, the first of which was the All New X-Men panel, where the panelists basically gave us all the low-down on what was going to be happening with … Continue reading

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Random Awesome: Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Dani Moonstar

One of my favorite things is when artists draw characters that aren’t normally drawn in their particular style. So Bryan Lee O’Malley (writer/artist of the Scott Pilgrim series) posting his take on Dani Moonstar to his tumblr recently is super … Continue reading

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AvX #11: The Aftermath

Avengers vs X-Men was billed as, and has been, a massive Marvel event, spanning several titles, pitting friends and families against one-another. It’s marked the return of the Phoenix Force, and at a time when the X-Men were already fractured … Continue reading

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Avengers vs X-Men: Team Avengers vs Team X-Men

At the end of 2011 Marvel asked us which side we were on: the Avengers or the X-Men. Now we are three issues into the mini-series Avengers vs X-Men which pits the two biggest teams in Marvel against each other … Continue reading

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Random Awesome: Street Clothes X-Men.

Taking a quick break from the marathon of squee that is Avengers Weekend to talk about some truly fantastic X-Menfan art that I stumbled upon earlier this week (thanks Tumblr!). One of the things that I love about fan art … Continue reading

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Question of the Week – Favorite Team

Our Question of the Week this time around asks what our favorite teams are! It’s a harder question than you’d think, you know. The Young Avengers are my babies! Part of me wants to say X-Factor, but the Young Avengers … Continue reading

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Marvel Memorable Moments – Professor X is a JERK!

(Dee’s note – This is the very last of the Memorable Moments of Marvel Women series!  Today’s blogger is Steph from Nerds in Babeland.  Look for the master post of moments in a couple hours, and the polls tomorrow!) I … Continue reading

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